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What’s in the Secure System?

Increased Limits
Paid accounts can generate many thousands more than the free account.
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Bad Words Filter
Avoid having unwanted words in your codes. This includes bad/vulgar words, religious, brand names, etc.
Avoid codes like: BCDPEPS1, BREAST, Y0UL0SE

Professional campaigns cannot afford to have bad words and unwanted names in their codes.

Remove Repeat Characters
Increase quality of your codes by having codes that do not have too many repeat characters in them.
Avoid codes like: BBBBBBC2, CBDDDDDD

Enterprise Service includes a special filter to remove codes with repetitive characters in them.

Unique, Different Codes
The Unique Codes that are generated are filtered to be as different to one another as possible. Making sure the codes are not similar to one another. This helps reduce the guess-ability, improving your campaign and further saving you time by reducing amount of invalids.
More Codes
Secure accounts have less limitations. Paid accounts can generate many thousands more than the free account.
SSL Encrypted codes delivery.
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Compatible File Format
Files output, download, export or delivered by us are portable and compatible with all existing systems that can read a text file.
  • Excel Compatible CSV
  • Pure ASCII Text
  • Mac, PC, Linux, Printing Software
  • Supported by all printing houses