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Free Generate Random Codes (Lite) Tool

An easy to use unique code generating tool.
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Limit: 10,000
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Secure Codes System
A secure online system to generate your own unique random codes.
  • Non-Sequential
  • 100% Unique & Random
  • Compatible Text CSV Export
  • Free & Paid Accounts Available
Tip 1
Avoid these characters (AEIOUY10)
By removing those characters you avoid having words in your codes. This includes bad/vulgar words, religious, brand names, etc. from appearing in your codes.
This avoids codes like: BCDPEPS1, BREAST, Y0UL0SE
Tip 2
Reduce Guess-ability
Reduce guess-ability by adding more characters to your code “Character Range”
Further reduce guess-ability by upgrading to the Secure System, where it has further features embedded to improve quality of code spread.